Leva is a small and compact espresso machine that goes just as well in the office as at home. Despite its size, the machine is, of course, built with the same well-tested technology and genuine craftsmanship as all the other Expobar machines. The Leva machine comes in a number of models in order to fit in wherever you wish to serve espresso in a prosummer style.


Mini Semi-Automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group EB-61 with lever, made of bronze of the highest quality and copper boiler with 1,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. One steam tap and one hot water tap.  

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  • Item Data
    Dimensions Depth: 460, Height: 430, Width: 260
    AC : 1-phase: 1950W
    Brew Groups Numbers: 1
    Range : Cappuccino, Tea, Espresso
    Electricity : 1-phase W
    Weight : 23kg
    Water filling : Automatic

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